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It is time for Canada to speak up against a looming conflict in Africa as the Egyptian dictator continues to threaten #Ethiopia. We ask our MPs to speak up to ask Canada take a firm position against any aggression by #Egypt.

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Subject: Request for your support in support of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

My name is Simon Michael and I’m one of your constituencies residing in Willowdale.

I am asking along with other Canadians of Ethiopian origin living in the Greater Toronto Area for you to speak for Ethiopia’s right to use its water resources. I ask you reject Canada’s current position to stay silent on the grounds that not only it is harmful to Ethiopia but may lead to unintended consequences between Ethiopia and Egypt for decades to come.  Canada can take an active role to encourage the three countries namely Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan to reach an acceptable, common sense agreement that meets the standards of international law, reflect the just and equitable use of the international waters, and honor the right of a sovereign nation to decide how best to utilize its natural resources including its waters.

I Ask you to write to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Office of the Prime Minster on my behalf and all concerned Canadians to make Canada’s position clear on the GERD.


Simon Michael

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